Mobile Multi-View Deflectometry

Mobile Multi-View Deflectometry

3D Measurement of complicated specular surfaces with a tablet

The Mobile Multi-View Deflectometry system allows for the three-dimensional measurement of extended specular surfaces with high surface normal variations. It consists only of a mobile handheld device (such as a tablet) and exploits screen and front camera for Deflectometry-based surface measurements. High quality surface measurements are possible without the need for an offline calibration procedure. To compensate for the small screen of a mobile device, a multi-view registration technique is applied so that large surfaces can be densely reconstructed in their entirety. The mobile Deflectometry project is a first step towards a self-calibrating measurement procedure capable of taking 3D surface measurements in the wild and accessible to users with little to no technical imaging experience.

Hand-Guided Qualitative Deflectometry with a Mobile Device
F. Willomitzer, C-K. Yeh, V. Gupta, W. Spies, F. Schiffers, A. Katsaggelos, M. Walton, O. Cossairt. Optics Express 28(7), 9027-9038

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Florian Willomitzer
Research Assistant Professor